Athos, Library of the Monastery of Vatopedi 665

Φύλλα: 161 Διαστάσεις: 168-170×113-115 mm.
Blind-tooled reddish brown leather over cardboard.
White paper, slightly yellowed at the edges
The codex has been described, though not in detail, by S. Eustratiades & Arcadios, Κατάλογος τῶν ἐν τῇ Ἱερῇ Μονῇ Βατοπεδίου ἀποκειμένων κωδίκων, Ἁγιορειτικὴ Βιβλιοθήκη 1, Paris: libraire ancienne Honoré Champion, Édouard Champion, 1924, p. 133.
It consists of 161 leaves, which are not foliated. Leaves 6-76r are paginated 1-141 alternately in the upper right and left corner with Arabic numerals, by copyist (a) himself (1-127) in the same ink that is used in the text, and also by a modern hand (128-141) in pencil. The following 84 leaves are left blank, as well as leaves 1-5 (except fol. [1r] which contains some arithmetical calculations, and fol. [2r] which contains an ownership inscription). The verso of leaf 155 and the final intact leaf of the codex are paginated by the same modern hand 306-308 and also 168-170 (numbers which correspond to a separate pagination of the blank leaves 72-155 and the final leaf). No quire marks are visible. Many leaves have been cut off. The quire structure of the codex appears to be the following (mostly characterized by the alternation of quinions and septenions): 1(V-pos.5)p. 8 + 2(VII)p. 36 + 3(V)p. 56 + 4(VII)p. 84 + 5(V)p.104 + 6(VII)p. 132 + 7(VII-pos.9)f. [84] + 8(III-pos.2)f. [89] + 9(V-pos.8)f. [98] + 10(VII)f. [112] + 11(V)f. [122] + 12-15(3.IV)f. [154] + 16(IV-pos.3,4,5)f. [159] + 17(IV-pos.2-8?)f. [160] + 18(IV-pos.2-8?)f. [161].
Watermark: a coat of arms reminiscent of, but not identical to, certain watermarks reproduced by E. Heawood, Watermarks mainly of the 17th and 18th centuries, Monumenta Chartae Papyraceae Historiam Illustrantia 1, Hilversum: The Paper Publication Society, 1950: nos. 687 and 824 (both dated to 1784, Venice); R. Stanković, La description des filigranes et l’album des manuscrits grecs XV-XIX siècle du centre des recherches slavo-byzantines « Prof. Ivan Dujčev », Series Catalogorum 11, Sofia: Editions Universitaires « St. Clément d’ Ohrid » et Bibliothèque Nationale de Serbie, 2006: no. 147 (years: 1775/1785); and A. Velkov, Les filigranes dans les documents ottomans, divers types d’images, Sofia: Éditions “Texte ‒ A. Trayanov”, 2005: 200 (“Armoires ‒ croissants, étoile, couronne”, no. 1/1766).
It was written by three different hands (a: pp. 1-127; b: pp. 129-135 and 137-140; c: 169).
There are two ownership inscriptions, and one paper label.
Ownership inscriptions:
1) in leaf 2r (written by copyist a): ἀβρὸς δὲν προχορεῖς Κύκλωψ φθογκάζετο μυρμηξ | αὔτη ἡ βίβλιος φίλε ὑπάρχει καμοῦ κωνσταντίνου | τοῦ πελοπονησίου. Cf. H. Beckby (ed.), Anthologia graeca. Buch IX-XI, 2. verbesserte Auflage, München: Ernst Heimeran Verlag, 1965, p. 328 (no. 539).
2) on the inner side of the back cover (written by copyist c): Σμαράγδι | διμιτρι.
Thus, two of the copyists, Konstantinos of Peloponnesus and Demetres Smaragdes, have been its owners.
There is also a paper label pasted on the spine: ΧΕΙΡΟΓΡΑΦΟΝ | Ι. ΜΟΝΗΣ ΒΑΤΟΠΕΔΙΟΥ | Ἀριθ. 665.
Athos, Library of the Monastery of Vatopedi 665
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