Athens, Library of the Byzantine and Christian Museum ΒΧΜ 19520 (151/Κ. Πρ. 207)

Περὶ τῆς ἀρχυροχρυσοποιΐας καὶ Ἱερᾶς τέχνης Ποίημα Στεφάνου Ἀλεξανδρέως οἰκουμενικοῦ διδασκάλου καὶ φιλοσόφου:~
Φύλλα: 66 Διαστάσεις: 175-182 × 120-125 mm.
white paper, with extensive damp stains, occasional browning and foxing, mostly at the top and inner margins.
The manuscript is written by two different hands (a: ff. 1r-7v, of 23-24 lines; f. 60r-v, ff. 63r-65r; b: ff. 8r-59v & 61r-62v). Copyist a is also responsible for almost all text-related marginalia that appear rather frequently throughout the codex. None of the copyists identifies himself. Foll. 1v and 66r-v are left blank.
There exist one inscription of a later date and five copies of the same paper label, containing the number of the codex when it was transferred to the Byzantine and Christian Museum.
Inscription in pencil by a later hand, in fol. 1r: προσφύγων.
Paper label pasted on foll. 1r, 7v, 13r, 60r, 65v: Κ. Πρ. | 207/151.
A later hand foliated the codex in pencil with Arabic numerals in the fore edge of the recto of each leaf. No quire marks are visible. The quire structure of the codex is made a little complicated by the fact that the original structure has been re-arranged (probably by copyist a). One distinct ternion has been inserted in the first, according to the original structure, quire (which was a ternion too), followed by an orphan leaf. One binion (containing text written by copyist b), whose fourth leaf has been cut off have been, has also been inserted into another binion (containing text written by copyist a). So, the present arrangement of quires is the following: 1(III+6(ff. 2-7))f. 12 + 2(I-pos.2)f. 13 + 3(III)f. 19 + 4-8(IV)f. 59 + 9(II+3(ff. 61-63))f. 66.
Published description of the ms.: Δ. Ι. Πάλλας, Κάταλογος χειρογράφων του Βυζαντινού Μουσείου Αθηνών, Μέρος τρίτον μετά γενικού ευρετηρίου, Αθήναι: έκδοση Χριστιανικής Αρχαιολογικής Εταιρείας, 1955, 24-25.

By reading, however, Vasileios Stephanides’ catalogue of the manuscripts preserved in the library of the Greek Gymnasium of Andrianopolis (published in two parts, in 1905 and 1907), we can plainly see that our codex must be the surviving part of the codex 1251 of the Andrianopolis Gymnasium (numbered by Stephanides as 133). The latter contained also a copy of Heliodorus’ alchemical poem. That missing part notwithstanding, the codex described by Stephanides bears the same general title, and includes a mutilated (at its beginning) copy of Synesius’ dialogue and Stephanus’ lectures, just as our codex does. The dimensions, moreover, recorded by Stephanides (185 × 130 mm.) are not much different than these measured by us (the variance is only 3-5 mm. in height). In fact, only the first 7 leaves have the same dimensions as those recorded by Pallas (175 × 120 mm.).
Athens, Library of the Byzantine and Christian Museum ΒΧΜ 19520 (151/Κ. Πρ. 207)

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