Athens, Library of the Hellenic Parliament 126

Φύλλα: 46 Διαστάσεις: 225-227 × 168-170 mm.
coarse grey cardboard covers over which yellowish-white paper had been pasted
white paper, slightly wormeaten
There are two published descriptions of the ms.: S. P. Lampros, «Κώδικες τῆς Βιβλιοθήκης τῆς Βουλῆς», Νέος Ελληνομνήμων, I: 1 (1904), pp. 89-96, 225-234, 353-365, 488-496; II: 2 (1905), pp. 226-235, 357-364, 490-500; III: 3 (1906), pp. 113-121, 243-248, 447-473; IV: 4 (1907), pp. 105-112, 225-236, 368-374, 476-483; V: 5 (1908), pp. 100-107, 305-326, 468-478; VI: 6 (1909), pp. 77-101 - the reference on V, pp. 308-309; Α. Severyns, “Les manuscrits d’Athènes”, in CMAG V (Les manuscrits d’Espagne, décrits par C. O. Zuretti / Les manuscrits d’Athènes, décrits par A. Severyns), 1928, pp. 140-174 (1-35) - the reference on pp. 150-161 (no. 2).
The ms. is written by a single copyist: Ἱερόθεος Ἱεροδιάκονος Σμυρναῖος (ff. 4r and 46v). Its owner is also identified: Νικόλαος Χορτάκης (f. 46r). A later hand foliated the codex in pencil with Arabic numerals in the fore edge of the recto of each leaf. The copyist paginated himself the leaves 7r-35v alternately on the upper right and left corners of the rectos with Arabic numerals with densely black ink (pp. 1-58). No quire marks are visible. The codex is composed of 7 quires, most of which are quaternios: 1(II)f. 4 + 2(I)f. 6 + 3-7(5.IV)f. 46.
Watermarks: a lion of St. Mark with the countermark SC in quire 1; a lion of St Mark with the coutermark AFC (in the quires 2-7). Similar and related lion motifs, extending chronologically from the last quarter of the 18th century to the first decade of the 19th, are listed in: V. Nikolaev [В. Николаев], Watermarks of the Ottoman Empire, I: Watermarks of the Mediaeval Ottoman documents in Bulgarian libraries [Водяные знаки Оттоманской империи, 1: Водяные знаки на бумаге средневековых документов болгарских книгохранилищ, 1, Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences [София : Болгарская Академия Наук], 1954. no. 924 (year: 1807); R. Stanković, La description des filigranes et l’album des manuscrits grecs XV-XIX siècle du centre des recherches slavo-byzantines « Prof. Ivan Dujčev », Series Catalogorum 11, Sofia: Editions Universitaires « St. Clément d’ Ohrid » et Bibliothèque Nationale de Serbie, 2006, nos. 145 (dated: 1780/1781), 531-534 (dated: 1795/1805), 537-539 (dated: 1790/1800), 540 (dated: 1795/1805); B. Wiesmüller, “Die Wasserzeichen der Refaiya-Bibliothek”, in R. M. Kerr & T. Milo (eds.), Writings and writing: Investigations in Islamic text and script: in honour of Dr. Januarius Justus Witkam, Cambridge: Archetype, 2013, 449-483, nos. 45-46.
There are two colophons.
a) (written by the copyist himself) in f. 44r: ᾳωδ΄ῳ ἰουλίου ια΄η ἐν σμύρνῃ.
b) (by a different hand, probably that of the owner) on the bottom right-hand margin of f. 46v: ἐκ τῶν τοῦ Νικολάου Δημητριάδου Χορτάκη Σμυρναίου, ἐγράφη ὑπὸ Διδασκάλου Ἱεροθέου Ἱεροδιακόνου Σμυρναίου.
Athens, Library of the Hellenic Parliament 126

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